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More about me

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Work History in Ontario (link to CPSO)


ER Physician 2000-2007

Critical Care Physician 2000-2007

GP/Anaesthetist 2002-present

Chief, Anaesthesia Department, Milton District Hospital 2009-2017

I was born to vegetarian parents who immigrated from India to Prince Edward Island in 1965. I spent my youth in rural Charlottetown until settling in Dundas in 2003. My father received a MD (Homeopathy) in New Delhi, and his grandfather before him was a well-know Ayurvedic doctor in the early 1900s, so I suppose I always had a larger perspective on medicine than what Western Medicine has to offer.  This open-mindedness came in handy in October 2017 when. together with my wife and 3 boys, we started eating plant based.  It quickly became one of the best decisions we ever made.  


Fast forward to today and many hours of nutritional research later, I learned what my 4 years of medical school, residency, 17 years of practice in critical care, emergency medicine and as an anaesthetist never taught me... the power to prevent and reverse chronic disease lies at the end of our forks.    

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